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Depression not always about sadness. Signs of depression can be anger, irritability, resentment, fatigue, and lack of motivation.


...shows itself as constant worry, thinking the worse things will happen, and fear of what people think about you.


...affects work, learning, performance, and achievement, in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

...trauma comes in many forms. People may try to foget it, but their emotions don't.

LGBTQ Mental Health

...internalized shame, stigma, guilt,...and that just touches the surface.


...proving evidence based and national guidelines directed care that can lead to better symptom resolution.

Third Party Services

"The Genesight Psychotropic test can help your doctor understand how your DNA may impact your medications."

" An online service for reliable and scientifically-validated neuropsych and/or cognitive assessments."

We are a proud supporter of

  • Columbia Memorial Hospital ER - (518) 828-7601 - Learn more...
  • Greene County Mental Health - (518) 622-9163 - Learn more...
  • Columbia County Mental Health Center - (518) 828-9556 - Learn more..

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